FHK Music celebrates its two years! Time to reflect a bit…and say thank you!

FHK Music is a friendly bilingual English-French music school, launched 2 years ago by a passionate mum pianist who wanted to offer the real “music school experience” to her students: instrument private lessons with tutors, group lessons with friends (choir, music induction, string group, music theory and history…), on stage performance with families (2 recitals + 1 online performance contest per year).

Since March 2021, FHK Music has developed different activities in Stanley, TKO, Clearwater bay, and now almost everywhere on HK Island. 15 teachers are part of the team, and 150 students have joined so far. Our main goal is not to transform our music school in a big machine, far from it… but we try to answer all requests that come to us to the best of our abilities.

As of today, FHK Music is so pleased to be teaching:
– 70 piano students
– 7 violin students (with a String group in Stanley)
– 12 guitar or ukulele students
– 14 private singing students
– 1 saxo student
– 4 french-speaking music induction groups (2 in Stanley and 2 in TKO)
– 1 english-speaking music induction group (in TKO)
– 3 french-speaking choir groups (2 in Stanley, 1 in TKO)
– 3 english-speaking choir group (1 in Stanley, 2 at the International Canadian School)
– 6 french-speaking music theory and history groups (4 in Stanley and 2 in Clear Water Bay)

So what else could we do ? First we have in our team of teachers the following skills: flute, drums, harp, bassoon, trumpet. So if you are looking for a teacher for these instruments, know that we can provide a very good one!

Also, in September 2023, we will start a music theory and history group in English in Stanley. This is something dear to our heart, because for instrument students, we are proud to offer a teaching method based on three fundamentals : Private instrument lesson + Group music theory and music history + Performance. This is SO MUCH MORE motivating that learning instrument only in one’s living room with a private tutor. To know more about our philosophy, please read this page. Registration will open in May, but you can already write to us and tell us about your interest in joining.

In September, we will also consider opening new locations for string groups and English speaking choir (TKO).

We would love to hear about your feedback about your experience with FHK Music so far and your suggestions for the future! Please do not hesitate to fill out these boxes and send us your thoughts…Thank you so very much!

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It was not easy to develop the activity during COVID but thanks to all the families who put their trust in us, we managed to do it any way! Thank you very much to you all and let’s keep loving music together!

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