“Mer Calme” a French Musical!

FHK is over the moon to share with you “Mer Calme” a French Musical!

“When a solar storm hits the holiday resort Mer Calme, located on a small island in Southeast Asia, everyone, tourists, and staff alike, see their daily lives turned upside down. There is no electricity, no internet, and no foodsupply. Therefore, they will have to inhabit together, for better or for worse.” 

We are very proud to say that Mer Calme is produced and written by our very own singing teacher Nasthasia Faure. The musical with also feature Violaine yet another FHK teacher!

Now, I guess you’re wondering what to expect?
Dancers, singers colourful stories and of course a bundle of fun!
A play with six characters with very different personalities who will have to learn to live together for better or for worse!

Check out the trailer HERE!

“Mer Calme, a journey between White Lotus & French broadway”

So what are you waiting for?
Grab a ticket with your partner, friends or children from age 7+
“Mer Calme” will be available to see only four times during the French May festival, on May 11th, 12th & 13th @ Y Theatre!

Another great feature is that the show will be subtitled live in English and Chinese!

Here is the link,
We certainly hope to see you there!

Artistic and Musical Director: Nasthasia Faure
Choreographer: Kim Petersen
Director: Lam Wang Ming- Stéphane Lam, Karine Yoakim-Pasquier

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