About FHK Music


FHK MUSIC, a friendly structure offering a “French-style” musical education in Hong Kong (Stanley, Tsung Kwan O, Clear Water Bay), to both children and adults

A team of experienced music teachers offers a wide range of musical activities, in French and in English:

  • Individual piano, violin, ukulele, flute, saxo, guitar or singing lessons (from 5 year old): English, French, Cantonese or Mandarin
  • Choir (from 6 year old): English or French
  • Music theory and musical culture group classes (from 7 year old): French
  • Music induction classes (2-5.5 year old): English or French

The idea of ​​creating FHK Music started from the observation that today in Hong Kong, there is no music school as we know them in France or Southern Europe. Here, when our children wish to learn an instrument, the go-to option is to hire a private teacher who will teach them everything (instrument + basic music theory) in our living room. If this local learning method has many advantages (practicality, experienced teachers, clear methods and progression path marked by “grades” to be validated every year, valuation of musical learning in school applications …), we think with some hindsight that it can benefit from the European music school methods:

  • It can be demotivating for some children to be always left alone in their living room to practice music: no group lessons, no end-of-year concert, no group dynamics to motivate and encourage each other. Finally, this lack of sharing and emulation can be difficult for them. They could quickly associate “instrument” with “being bored alone”. It’s hard not to drop out after two or three years …
  • They only learn basic music theory = what is necessary to play their instrument (pitches, keys, rhythm), nothing else! As they do not receive any musical culture, we do not help them discover and love the extraordinary world of classical music as a whole. If our children do not learn how to marvel at great composers, operas, famous works, other instruments … when they become teenagers they will completely lose interest in classical music! The number of kids who drop out of their instrument at middle school age in Hong Kong speaks for itself …
  • Since the music theory taught during instrument lessons is very basic, they do not learn how to really develop their ear by learning intervals, practicing melodic dictations or doing singing exercises. Yet it is from an early age that it is useful to work on one’s hearing accuracy (and therefore voice) … when becoming an adult, it is immediately more difficult!

So finally, what works is the good old French / South European method? The individual instrument or singing lessons and the 1H group music theory compulsory every week? … Yes, but not quite! Because music theory, as we were taught in our traditional music schools twenty years ago, is boring (and we must admit, things have not changed much since in France)! So we don’t want that for our children either … FHK Music also deliberately detaches itself from the classical curriculum of French conservatories and offers music theory lessons also integrating musical culture (history of music, families of instruments, operas, great composers …). The lessons are thus tailor-made to make them interesting and truly educative, while ensuring the learning of the fundamentals (notes, rhythms, intervals, tones …). Furthermore, they include games, quizzes, group challenges, videos, playlists…to keep them 100% dynamic and fun for the children.

This is why we are proud to offer a teaching method based on three fundamentals : Private instrument lesson + Group music theory and music history + Performance.

And because music is experienced above all when it is shared, FHK Music also offers pop choir activities, musical initiation or musical awakening group classes so that at any age we can have fun and flourish in music, together!

And all this is even more fun when shared with our loved ones, so FHK Music organizes two grand recitals per year in an amazing venue in Wan Chai!

Individual instrument and singing lessons are dispensed at home (student’s or teacher’s) and group lessons are given in Stanley Market or TKO, in the premises of Lou Pichoun, a partner school of FHK Music.

Group music theory lessons in TKO-CWB are given in CWB, in a private music room (3 min after fusion on Clear Water Bay road).