About FHK Music


FHK MUSIC, a friendly structure offering a “French-style” musical education in Hong Kong (Stanley, Tsung Kwan O, Clear Water Bay), to both children and adults

We offer a wide range of musical activities, in French and in English:

  • Individual piano, violin, ukulele, flute, saxo, guitar, cello, clarinet or singing lessons (from 5 year old): English, French, Cantonese or Mandarin
  • Choir (from 6 year old): English or French
  • Music theory and musical culture group classes (from 7 year old): French
  • Music induction classes (2-5.5 year old): English or French

    We aim to provide an engaging and comprehensive music education experience for children and adults.

The idea of creating FHK Music originated from the observation that the current method of learning music in Hong Kong lacks certain elements found in traditional music schools in France or Southern Europe.

For instance, in Hong Kong, when children want to learn an instrument, the common option is to hire a private teacher who teaches them in their living room, covering both the instrument and basic music theory. While this method has its advantages, such as convenience, experienced teachers, clear progression paths, and recognition in school applications, it also has its drawbacks.

One of the main disadvantages is that children are often left alone in their living room to practice music, without the benefits of group lessons, end-of-year concerts, or the motivation and support from their peers. This lack of sharing and camaraderie can be demotivating for some children. Also the music theory taught may be too limited to really master score reading, which can be really demotivating.

Recognizing this, we aim to combine what’s best in each method (HK and Europe) and emphasize group dynamics, motivation, and encouragement. By offering group activities such as music theory & history, pop choir, and music induction group classes, FHK Music aims to provide a holistic musical eduction and create a more collaborative and inspiring environment for students of all ages.

Additionally, we organize two grand student recitals per year, further enhancing the joy of music when shared with loved ones.

In summary, FHK Music provides a French-style musical education in Hong Kong, by providing a more enriching and enjoyable music education experience for all.

Individual instrument and singing lessons are dispensed at home (student’s or teacher’s) and group lessons are given in Stanley Market or TKO / Clear Water Bay in classrooms.