Activities for adults

Individual piano lessons
Individual violin lessons
Individual guitar lessons
Individual singing lessons
Music theory and history group lessons

It is never too late to become a musician and make your childhood dream come true!

Objectives: learn, progress, escape!

  • Piano, guitar or violin lessons at home in French or English: The method of combining both the learning of technical fundamentals (posture, hand coordination, finger dexterity, fingering, fluidity), and the development of musicality (interpretation and dynamics). Choice of songs made with the teacher. No pressure: everyone goes at their own pace!
  • Singing lessons (modern, pop or jazz) at home in French or English: solo or in pairs, method combining both the learning of vocal technique (range, power, flexibility, projection, stamina …) and the development of self-confidence (posture, musicality, interpretation). Choice of songs with the teacher. Laughter and conviviality guaranteed!
  • Music theory and history lessons in group for beginners, in French or English: with a cup of tea, learn about the history of music (musical periods, great composers, famous works, instruments, innovations …), the fundamentals of music theory (notes, rhythms, intervals …) and train your ear using practical and fun exercises. Friendliness, interesting content and real progress will be there.
  • Prices for individual lessons : 360 HKD / 30 min, 490 HKD / 45 min, 630 HKD / 60 min .
    Prices per person for music theory and music history group lessons: 290 HKD / 60 min (semi-private fee, minimum 4 participants).