Pop choir (6-9 and 10+)

Singing and accuracy
Relaxation and breathing
Confidence and self empowerment
Discipline and memorization
Friendships and laughters
Sharing and Passion

They are many benefits in joining a choir…Your child will experience them all!

Our goal: give your children a fun and exciting musical experience

  • Group lessons (with a maximum of 14 students each), for girls and boys, in French
  • Two groups: 6-9 years old (singing in unison) and + 10 years old (starting polyphony)
  • Vocal warm-up and work on technique: vocalizations, voice power, flexibility, stamina
  • Special attention on posture, musicality and self-confidence
  • Rhythmic work learning pop songs in French and English
  • Alternation of solo and collective parts
  • Development of the group spirit: listening, solidarity, singing in unison (or polyphonic for the older ones)
  • Laughter and good humor guaranteed!
  • No pressure but only encouragements
  • End of year concert (if authorized within the framework of health restrictions)
  • Group class in French in Stanley Market (tuesday 5.15pm) and TKO (thursday 5.15pm) in the Lou Pichoun classrooms
  • Teacher: Nasthasia
  • Minimum age: 6 years old (children must know how to read)
  • Two groups: 6-9 years old and +10 years old
  • Prices: 250 HKD / 60 min (or 220 HKD if the student is enrolled in another activity within FHK Music in parallel)