Musical awakening and rhymes (2-3.5 year old)

In French

Listening and Memorization
Games and Laughters
Cognitive and Sensory development
Language deepening and Confidence
Stimulation of fine and gross motor skills
Appeasement and Relaxation

Even from the youngest age, music is a great vector of joy and sensory awakening…Come and start this amazing love story between your child and music!

Goals: Have your little ones experience a fun and educative “musical bubble”

  • Group 50- minute sessions in French for a maximum of 6 children each, accompanied by a parent or a nanny (from 3 years old, possibility of no longer being accompanied after one or two sessions, if the child is comfortable).
  • Each session follows an established routine, but flexible according to the mood and the envy of the children:
    Welcome song
    – Nursery rhymes and gestures: Everybody can Sing!
    – Rhythmic games, rounds, dances
    – Exploration of sounds (bells, listening to animal sounds, sounds of the world around us …)
    – Free handling of multiple small instruments
    – Quiet moment (breathing, relaxation, relaxation)
    – Good Bye song
  • One different theme every week: the city, the body, the garden, the animals…
  • Friendly and quiet “bubble” environment
  • Teacher: Violaine
  • Locations: Stanley Market (thursday afternoon 4.15pm) and TKO (friday afternoon, 3.30pm)
  • Prices: 250 HKD / session (or 220 HKD if the child is enrolled in another activity within FHK Music in parallel)