Individual violin lessons for adults

Escape and emotions
Appeasement and relaxation
Memory and concentration
Ear and musicality
Confidence and personal challenges
Sharing and passion

There are many benefits that arise from learning the violin…
And it is never too late to discover them all!

Be happy, proud and relaxed thanks to the violin!

  • Focus from the start on learning the fundamentals: posture, hand coordination, finger dexterity, fingering, fluidity and musicality.
  • The pieces (classic and / or modern) are chosen with the student and changed regularly, to stay motivated throughout the year.
  • Choice between Do-Re-Mi (French pitch system) or C-D-E (English pitch system).
  • Practical application of theoretical concepts learned during music theory in parallel (keys, pitches, rhythms …).
  • Every student progresses at his/her own pace: encouragement and congratulations, yes! Pressure, no!
  • In each class, the work for the next week is clearly written in a notebook so that nothing is forgotten.
  • Possibility of being accompanied by the teacher to buy your first violin in store.
  • Classes are dispensed at home with Robyn: English-speaking talented teacher.
  • Lesson prices : 360 HKD / 30 min, 490 HKD / 45 min, 630 HKD / 60 min