Individual or group violin lessons for children

Joy and Emotions
Dexterity and Synchronization
Memory and Concentration
Patience and perseverance
Rigor and attention
Self confidence and Pride
Sharing and Passion

There are many benefits that arise from learning the violin…
Your child will discover them all!

Our goal: ignite the violin passion in every child, while having fun!

  • A clear (but flexible) framework. Each lesson is organized in four parts:
    1. Some technical exercises to warm-up the fingers
    2. A first classical piece chosen by the teacher to ensure his/her progression
    3. A second more modern piece chosen by the student to have fun and stay motivated
    4. A reflection time: what did we do well and what can we do better for next time?
  • For young beginners: possibility to join a discovery group class.
  • At the end of each lesson, the homework for the next week is clearly written in a notebook so that nothing is forgotten.
  • Choice between Do-Re-Mi (French pitch system) or C-D-E (English pitch system).
  • Practical application of theoretical concepts learned during music theory in parallel (keys, notes, rhythms …).
  • Encouragement and congratulations, yes! Pressure, no!
  • Possibility of being accompanied by the teacher to buy your first violin in store..
  • Classes are dispensed at the child’s home (with Robyn, an English-speaking teacher)
  • Minimum age: 7 year old
  • For beginner French-speaking violinists, participation in the weekly group music theory & musical culture course is required (same as in music schools in France)
  • Private lesson prices: 340 HKD / 30 min, 490 HKD / 45 min, 630 HKD / 60 min
  • Group class: please contact us