Music theory and musical culture for children

General culture
Sense of rhythm
Ear and accuracy
Memorization and cognitive abilities
Games and challenges
Laughters and friendliness
Sharing and patience

Yes, music theory can be fun! Indeed, musical culture is absolutely exciting! And we will try to prove it to your children 🙂

Our goals: turn your children into classical music fans!

  • One-hour group classes (max 8 participants per group, with similar age and level)
  • Compulsory courses in parallel with instrument learning (discover why here)
  • Each course is divided into two parts: a part dedicated to music theory and another dedicated to musical culture.
  • Music theory : learning the fundamentals in a fun and motivating way (reading notes, recognizing rhythms, rhythmic and melodic dictations …), games to develop one’s ear (recognizing notes and intervals …), group exercises and challenges, singing…
  • Musical culture : learning about the history of music from prehistoric times to the present day (the great periods, the main composers, key innovations, the most famous pieces …), discovery of the instruments of the symphony orchestra, initiation to the Opera…Program adapted to each age group.
  • Emphasis on games, group challenges: laughter and fun guaranteed!
  • Tailor-made program and educational materials: lesson sheets, playlists, video montages, quizzes …
  • Teacher: Domitille
  • Language: French (with the possibility to open another slot in English if more than 4 participants)
  • Minimum age: 6 year old (children must know how to read)
  • Sessions on Tuesday afternoon in CWB, and Wednesday afternoon in Stanley market. See full schedule here.
  • Prices: 250 HKD / 60 min (or 220 HKD if the student is enrolled in another activity within FHK Music in parallel) + books