Individual wind instrument lessons (+6yo)

Memory and Focus
Ear and Agility
Self-confidence and Pride
Sharing and sociability
Passion and creativity

The benefits of learning an instrument are many…
We will show them all to your child!

Goal: be happy, proud and passionate thanks to music!

  • FHK Music offers lessons of flute, saxophone, clarinet…and will find the pearl teacher that will suit the level and personality of the student.
  • The songs are chosen with the student to ensure his motivation throughout the year
  • The teacher comes with his instrument and plays with the student to show him / her the right gestures, and live beautiful moments of musical sharing
  • At each lesson, the homework for the next week is clearly written in a notebook so that nothing is forgotten.
  • The teacher provides the necessary teaching materials.
  • Home lessons in English, Cantonese or Mandarin.
  • Participation encouraged at the two great student recitals (at Christmas and in June) in front of a large audience.
  • For non-confirmed French-speaking students, participation in the compulsory weekly group music theory course from the age of 7 (as in music schools in France). Find out why here.
  • Everyone has their own pace: encouragements and congratulations, yes! Pressure, no!
  • Minimum age: 6 year old (may vary, depending on the instrument)
  • Individual class fees: 360 HKD / 30 min, 490 HKD / 45 min, 630 HKD / 60 min