Temporary closure of group activities following the announcements of new health restrictions

Since February 10, 2022, due to the proliferation of COVID in Hong Kong, even small group classes are prohibited by the Hong Kong government.

Of course, this announcement has important repercussions on the organization of children’s musical activities. We have done everything from the beginning to maintain face-to-face sessions for your children, in particular by splitting the groups (to respect the limit of 4) despite the logistical and financial impact this has caused.

Unfortunately, this new development forces us to pause the choir and musical awakening lessons, and believe that our hearts are very heavy… The music theory lessons will go online. Private piano, voice and violin lessons can continue. We are counting on all of you to be present at the face-to-face resumption of group activities, and thank you in advance for your support in this difficult time for our little music school.

We wish all our young students and their families the best during this difficult period, hoping that you will all remain in good health, which is of course the most important!

The FHK Music team

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