Books and supplies

FHK Music will provide to all students starter kits:

  • Piano or violon books + lesson notebooks for private lessons (Sold at retail price, shop label on the back). Teachers will hand-out the books on the first week, and their price will be added to the term fee on the invoice. Throughout the year, the teachers will provide new books when needed.
  • For Domitille’s Music theory and history students: 2 very elegant musical folders + 1 manuscript notebook + 1 pen (price : 180HKD). Each new student will also receive a nice piano bag as a gift to carry everything each week. Second year students car either use their first year folders (emptied) and notebook or buy a new kit.
  • For Choir students: Each new student will receive a white music folder as a gift, to hold their lyrics. if lost, it can be purchased again at the price of 55HKD. Just send us a Whatsapp message. It’s important for each singer to bring his / her folder at each class.

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