Reminder: Terms and conditions and invoicing process

  • First session is a (paid) trial session, then commitment is required for the whole semester (see full schedule here)
  • Payment for each half-semester will be invoiced in advance (first invoice to be sent on the first week of September, to be paid after the first trial lesson, and before September 25th. Second invoice to be sent on November 7th, to be paid before November 20th).
  • No lessons during FIS school holidays or public holidays. Optional private lessons are possible during holidays.
  • Books for piano, violin and music theory, when provided by teachers, are re-invoiced at retail price.
  • A (unique) joker per semester is allowed for each student for group classes (more than 4 students): feeling tired or sick? an unmissable fairwell play date? a family activity? Each student can miss one group class per semester if he/she wishes it (subject to being informed more than 24H in advance), and the missed lesson will be credited for the following period.
  • There is no joker allowed for private lessons. In case of a student being sick, the teacher may offer a make-up class at his / her own discretion, if there is the possibility to do one, otherwise the missed lesson will be due.
  • To facilitate the registration process, if no notice is given by January 15th, your registration will be automatically renewed for the second semester.

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