A great Christmas recital!

On December 3, 2022, FHK Music organized its big Christmas recital, for the benefit of Mayaa Nepal. More than 80 budding musicians were able to share their musical exploits in front of their loved ones. It was a great achievement, and we teachers were very, very proud of them! The exercise was not an easy one for our students: playing or singing in such a large room, in front of 250 people…it was quite a challenge! But they did it, and it was absolutely amazing!

Whether pianists, violinists, flutists, saxophonists, solo singers or in a group, everyone had worked hard and it was a great joy to see their smiles and their pride radiate after each of their performances. What a beautiful job we do!

Our next big recital will be on Saturday June 3 in the morning.

To discover more photos and some videos of this beautiful event, please follow our Instagram page! Goodbye !

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