Get ready for FHK Music Secret Student Contest!

Are you a student of FHK Music? You play the piano, the violin, the guitar, the ukulele, the sax, you sing… this mysterious and fun contest is for you!

To participate, it’s very simple:
1. Practice!
2. Send us a video of your performance via WhatsApp before March 31st. In this video, please prepare a nice/fun presentation of your piece before playing or singing. This video must be ANONYMOUS (because it’s fun that way, but also because it will go online on our Instagram page), so wear a mask! But not a boring covid mask, huh ?! Choose a great costume that will go well with the piece you will be playing… For instance, if you choose to play the Harry Potter song, wear a witch mask and hat 🙂 And if you go “total look”, you will have more chance to win the “Best costume” trophy our jury members will be handing out!
3. Our exited jury members will watch and thoroughly analyse all the submitted videos before April 15th. The Jury will be composed of: Domitille (FHK Music Director, Piano and music theory teacher), Hinson (Piano, Saxo, Flute teacher), Robyn (Violin teacher), Nasthasia (Singing teacher), Mikey (Guitar, singing and Ukulele teacher).
4. We will post all the videos on our Instagram page by April 22nd, with teachers’ comments. We will not name the students by name on Instagram. We will reward many videos with Instagram trophies (best technique, best tempo, best costume, best fun, best musicality…) and we will announce the winning “best performance” act!
The winner of the ”Best Performance” video will be rewarded free tickets to the FHK Music great student recital on June 3rd for all their family members. On this occasion, we will display his/her video in front of a large audience, and we will reveal his/her identity to thunderous rounds of applause!

Both adult and children students can participate. the only rule: do not show your face to keep the mystery until the end… So, who will be our secret student winner?

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