An extraordinary end-of-year concert! Well done to all of our students!

FHK Music’s year-end music concert was a great success. More than 100 children played and sang in front of an enthusiastic audience and proud parents. Everyone gave the best of themselves during this fun and nice event.

The children’s performances were incredible. And even the youngest were able to participate! Our youngest musician, 4 years old, Hugo, was able to share his talent on the violin and the piano, it was very beautiful and very touching!

Discover all the participants in video:

There was a wide variety of musical genres, ranging from classical to pop, rock and jazz. The students were able to captivate the audience with catchy melodies and touching lyrics.

Many instruments were in the spotlight: of course the piano with more than 40 pianists! But also the violin, the guitar, the saxophone, the recorder…and even the harp with an extraordinary performance by Catherine, the daughter of Robyn (violin and harp teacher). Solo or group singers delighted our ears with lively rhythms!

The concert was an opportunity for the children to show their individual talent, which helped showcase their abilities and personality. The groups (violins, family pieces and pop choirs) also showed great cohesion and great musical mastery. Some even proposed original compositions which impressed more than one!

This concert was also an opportunity to reveal the identity of the Best performance winner of our “Secret Student” competition which mobilized more than 70 costumed candidates (go to our Instagram channel to discover them!). Victor, a first year piano student at Clear Water Bay delighted us with his Jean Sebastien Bach costume and his impeccable execution of a prelude. He was able to receive the Trophy to thunderous applause!

The teachers were very proud of their students and their work throughout the year. This end-of-year concert was the reward for all the time and effort everyone put into music. The teachers commented that this event helped to build the children’s confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Parents were delighted to see their children blossom and have fun on stage. They expressed their pride and gratitude to the teachers for their hard work and dedication to their children. Applause and enthusiastic cheers echoed through the hall throughout the concert.

You can watch some of our students’ performance on our Instagram:

This concert was a real success for the students of FHK Music. The children were able to show their talent, the parents were delighted, the teachers were proud, and the public was delighted. Everyone can’t wait to do it again next year at Christmas!

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