A kind and useful reminder about our terms and conditions…

At FHK Music, we want to make sure you have all the information you need about our terms and conditions. Here’s a simple breakdown of what you can expect when you join our musical family:

🎶 Pricing 🎶

1️⃣ Individual Instrument Lessons: We offer a special price for one-on-one instrument lessons. This allows you to focus on your specific instrument and receive personalised instruction. To keep things simple, all disciplines, all teachers and all levels are invoiced at all the same price.HKD 360/30min, HKD 490/45min, HKD 630/60min
2️⃣ Group Lessons: If you prefer learning in a group setting, we have a separate price for any kind of group lesson. This is a great way to meet other music enthusiasts and learn together.
HKD 250/Session
3️⃣ Semi-Private Lessons: Our semi-private lessons allow up to 4 participants, and we have a unique price for these sessions. It’s a great option if you want some individual attention while still enjoying the benefits of a small group.HKD 290/45min (3 or 4 participants

💰 Discounts and Payments 💰

12% Reduction for Group Lessons: If you register for more than one activity, we offer a 12% reduction on group lessons. It’s our way of encouraging you to explore different musical experiences.

Trial Session and Weekly Commitment: Your first trial session is paid, and if you decide to continue, we require a weekly commitment for the semester. This helps us ensure regular attendance and progress.

Payment and Invoices: Payment for each half-semester is invoiced in advance, with the invoice sent within 2 weeks before the start of the period. We kindly request that payments be made within 10 days.

Holidays and Public Holidays: Please note that there are no lessons during FIS school holidays or public holidays, unless agreed as an option between both parties. We want to make sure you have time to relax and enjoy your break.

🎹 Additional Costs 🎹

For books, scores, and music theory supplies provided by our teachers, they will be invoiced at the purchase price. We want to make sure you have the necessary materials to support your learning journey.

🔄 Make-Up Classes 🔄

Group Activities: Each student is given a “joker” per semester—a special opportunity to miss one lesson if desired. You can use this in case of sickness or for a break, a family activity, or a play date. The missed lesson can be made up at a later date or, if that’s not possible, it will be credited toward the following period.

✨ Private or Semi-Private Lessons: Unfortunately, the “joker” option is not available for private or semi-private lessons. However, if a student is ill or traveling, we can try to organise one make-up lesson per semester, depending on the teacher’s availability and discretion.

📝 Registration Renewal 📝

To make the registration process easier, if we don’t receive any notice before January 15, your registration will be automatically renewed for the second semester. This ensures that you can continue your musical journey without any interruption and facilitate paperwork.

We hope this clarifies our terms and conditions for you. If you have any further questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Let’s make beautiful music together at FHK Music!

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