Individual singing lessons for children

Breathing and relaxation
Posture and diction
Ear and accuracy
Self empowerment
Release of emotions
Laughters and fun
Sharing and Passion

There are many benefits that arise from engaging in singing…You child will discover them all!

Goals: to surpass oneself, to express oneself, to be happy!

  • Warm-up exercises at the beginning of each class
  • Learning vocal technique: range, power, flexibility, projection, stamina …
  • In-depth work on posture, musicality and self-confidence
  • The songs (in either English or French) are chosen with the student to ensure his / her motivation throughout the year.
  • Laughter and fun guaranteed!
  • Lessons at the student’s home with Nasthasia (styles: modern, pop or jazz)
  • Possibility of forming a pair of students.
  • Minimum age: 6 years old
  • Prices: 320 HKD / 30 min, 480 HKD / 45 min, 630 HKD / 60 min