Prices and T&A

Harmony, even in prices…

For greater simplicity, a single price list and unique conditions are offered for all FHK Music activities:

Key principles:

  • Three unique prices:
    – One for individual instrument or singing lessons
    – One for group lessons of any kind
    – One for semi private lessons (up to 4)
  • A reduction granted on group classes, if the student registers for more than one activity (example : instrument + pop choir group)
  • First session is a (paid) trial session, then commitment is required for the whole semester
  • No lessons during FIS school holidays or public holidays (or optional if teacher is available).
    See Calendar here.
  • Once the first trial session has been paid, payment for each half-semester invoiced in advance at the beginning of each period.
  • Music books when provided by FHK Music, are sold to parents at retail price (same as in the shop where we buy them).
  • For group activities: a (unique) joker per semester is allowed for each student: feeling tired? an unmissable play date? a family activity? Each student can miss one group lesson per semester if he/she wishes it (subject to being informed), and the missed lesson can be made up or if it’s not possible, can be credited for the following period or refunded
  • No joker for individual or semi-private classes. If student is sick or travelling, one make up class may be arranged per semester, based on teacher’s availabilities
  • To facilitate the registration process, if no notice is given by January 15th, your registration will be automatically renewed for the second semester.
  • Read our full T&A here: Link
Individual instrument or singing lessons (at student or teacher’s home) 30min: HKD 360
45min: HKD 490
60min: HKD 630
Group classes (choir, music theory, music induction..) – 50 or 60 minutes
*-12% if the students participates to more than one activity
HKD 250*
Semi-private classes (guitar, violin…up to 4 participants) – 45 minutesHKD 290