Meet the team

All passionate musicians who enjoy teaching, the 17 teachers of FHK Music transmit their knowledge and enthusiasm with kindness to their students. Here is a quick overview of this International team of professors.


Bilingual French-English speaking piano teacher
Music theory and Musical culture teacher
Director and founder of FHK Music

  • French educated pianist
  • Diplomas: Cycle 3 Piano (France), ABRSM Grade 8 (HK), Music theory BFM Graduate at Conservatoire de Lyon (French music theory diploma)
  • ESCP Europe Management School Graduate (“Grande Ecole”)
  • Occasional concert pianist and composer


Piano (classical and accompagnement), saxophone and flute teacher (English, Cantonese, Mandarin)
FHK Music Teacher coordinator

  • Graduated from The Education University of Hong Kong, majoring in music education (BME)
  • ABRSM Piano, Flute and Saxophone Grade 8
  • Participates in multiple musical performances in Hong Kong (Jockey Club, Musicals, clubs…)
  • Teaches and conducts orchestras in many primary and secondary schools (YMCA College, Lam Hon Optical, Tin Ka Ping Middle School, Pui Kee Primary School, Kee Fook Elementary School, Ke Ci Elementary School…)
  • Composer of pop songs and musicals


Singing, Guitar, Ukulele and music induction teacher (English)
FHK Music Admin & Communication manager

  • Graduated from the BIMM University of Music in London
  • Placing 7th on the UK TV show the Xfactor in 2014.
  • Performed at Wembley stadium in front of 75,000 people.
  • Signed two record deals, one in the UK and the other in LA.
  • Had his songs featured on European TV shows. (Killing Eve, Cold Feet)
  • Played 3 headline tours across the UK
  • Had a number 1 selling album (independent artist charts)


Singing and accompaniment piano teacher

  • Graduated from the BIMM University of Music in London with BA Honours
  • Started singing and performing before she could even speak and learned how to play both guitar and piano which allowed her to start writing and performing her original songs at the age of 13.
  • Performed in several countries and in major events.
  • Has professionally recorded her original material in both London in Paris.


Piano teacher (English, Cantonse)

  • Hong Kong educated pianist
  • Diplomas: A.R.A.M (Associate of the Royal Academy of Music), and L.R.A.M. in piano teaching
  • Long experience in piano teaching among the expat community


Piano teacher (English, Cantonese and mandarin)

  • Hong Kong educated pianist
  • Education University of Hong Kong in Associate of Art (Music) with distinction, and Hong Kong Baptist University in Professional Certificate in Early Childhood Music Education. Further in HKBU and HKAPA, for Early Childhood Music Studies.
  • Participated trainings in Orff, Dalcroze Methodologies led by internationally recognized practitioners.
  • Over 23 years of teaching experience in HK


Piano teacher (English, Cantonese)

  • Hong Kong educated pianist
  • Diplomas: Bachelor of Arts with Major in Music, ATCL, Higher diploma in early childhood education
  • More than 6 years in piano teaching experience among both the local and expat community


Saxophone and Clarinet teacher (English, Cantonese)

  • Experienced teacher and player: 15 years experience of solo and group public performances, and 10 years experience teaching & conducting
  • Good at Classical, Jazz and Pop…various music styles.
  • Degrees:
    – BSc (Hons) Music Technology by Coventry University, UK
    – Higher Diploma in Digital Music and Audio Technology
    (4 Years program) by Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI)
    – Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE)
    – ATCL in Saxophone Recital by Trinity Guildhall Music London


Guitar, Singing, Piano & Cello teacher (English, Cantonese)

  • The Education University of Hong Kong – Bachelor of Music in Education (2016-2020)
  • The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts – Diploma in Drama Foundations (2020-2021)
  • Qualifications : Piano – (Trinity ATCL, 2019), Cello – (ABRSM Grade 8, 2013), Guitar – (ABRSM Grade 6, 2018), Dalcroze method for 12 hours practice (MusiKitchen, 2020) & Orff method for 35 hours practice (MusiKitchen, 2021).
  • “Looking for a precious opportunity to teach instruments and continue inspiring more students with music.”


Violin Teacher (English, Cantonese, Mandarin)

  • Taiwan educated Violin teacher.
  • Studied Violin and graduated at the Royal University in Taiwan.
  • 5-6 years teaching experience of all ages.


Piano and music induction teacher (English, Cantonese. Knows a little bit of French)

  • Hong Kong educated classical and pop music pianist
  • Diplomas: ABRSM Certified Grade 8 Theory, ABRSM Certified Grade 8 Piano, Certificate in English for Executives, City University of HK ERB 2021, Certificate in Teaching Method, Integrated HKU Space Montessori 2020
  • More than 20 years in piano and music playgroup teaching experience


Singing and choir Teacher (French)

  • Conservatoire de Paris, AICOM school (musical comedy), and ATLA school Graduate
  • Talented Jazz and Pop concert singer
  • Musical composer and vocal coach


Piano teacher (English, Cantonese and intermediate French)

  • UK educated pianist
  • Music theory studies in France
  • Diplomas: Grade 8 (2008) AMRSM and ATCL(2012) from Trinity College of London
  • More than 6 years in piano teaching experience among both the local and expat community


Piano teacher (English, Cantonese)

  • Hong Kong educated pianist
  • Graduated from the Hong Kong Institute of Education with a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Primary Education, majoring in Music Education.
  • Has taught music and classes in elementary schools and piano schools for more than ten years.
  • Possesses the Trinity Conservatory of Music Piano Performance Diploma (ATCL), the Royal Academy of Music Alto Shepherd Boy, Music Theory, (and also : Bassoon Grade 8 and Rockschool Drum Grade 8 qualifications).
  • A unique multi-skilled teacher!


Violin teacher (French/English/Cantonese/Mandarin)

  • More than 10 year experiences in the violin section, music enthusiasts
  • Qualifications– Grade 8 Violin
  • Bachelor students at the Baptist University of Hong Kong/University of Montreal, with the major in European Studies and French
  • Classes can be conducted in French/English/Cantonese/Mandarin
  • More than 4 years working with young kids/toddlers, including numerous French families in Hong Kong.


Musical awakening teacher (French)

  • Parenting consultant
  • Well-being workshop leader for children
  • Mum of three
  • Ukulele player


Piano and flute teacher (English, Cantonese)

  • Hong Kong educated pianist
  • Diplomas: ATCL Piano, APRSM Level 8 Piano, Level 8 Music Institute, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts Chinese Music Education Certificate, Music Therapy Certificate, AMEB Children’s Music Education Certificate.
  • More than 15 years in piano and flute teaching experience among both the local and expat community

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