Reminder: Feb 27th – March 3rd is music school holiday

Because FHK Music follows the FIS calendar as 2/3 of our students go there, there is a scheduled school holiday from the 27th February – 3rd March and the music lessons are not booked in.

However, some of our teachers are willing to work throughout the scheduled holiday and available to teach if you would like your child/yourself to have lessons throughout this period. If that’s the case, please contact a staff member before Friday, Feb 24th and we will be happy to set it up for you and your teacher.

Lesson times may be adjusted if necessary.

Please note that this is for private lessons only. Group classes already have their own arrangement:
– All group activities in French are suspended during the FIS school break.
– All group activities in English (with Amel and Robyn) are maintained during the FIS school break.

We wish all our FIS students some very nice holidays and all the other students to be patient and brave while waiting for the next ones (which I think will be the same for everyone!). Meanwhile, you can practice some nice music and prepare for our freshly announced Secret Student Contest !

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